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If you’re thinking about getting into property development, or if you own land with the potential to develop but don’t feel confident or have the expertise to manage a project on your own, then a Joint Venture with an experienced, credible partner makes good sense.

Some of our clients have the capital required for property development, but need a partner with the industry knowledge and experience required to look after the property development from beginning to end. Alternatively, project partners may already own a property, but aren’t sure about the development potential and/or how to see it through from start to finish. MP DEV in conjunction with Joint Venture partners ensure projects are managed effectively, efficiently and within budget.


  • Identify quality sites in key growth corridors that will outperform the market in coming years.

  • Spend time conducting and collating comprehensive project feasibility studies to determine potential scope, costs, returns, profits, etc.

  • Liaise with relevant key stakeholders prior to purchase to cross-check and confirm all assumptions.

  • Secure the best option for financing each stage of the development.

  • Secure the purchase of the site that meets both the Joint Venture partner and  MP DEV’s expectations – allowing for the best outcome for all involved.

  • Project manage the development from beginning to end, providing regular reporting and updates throughout the project duration.

  • Manage all project sales and marketing.

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